Perspex® Naturals Neutral Acrylic


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Acrylic sheets are sturdy, durable and are capable of boasting a wide range of vividly exciting colours that most other materials could not even hope to contend with. Our range of matte acrylic sheets forego the vibrant colour pallet, that is normally synonymous with coloured acrylic sheets, in favour of a more understated and stylish look.

All of our acrylic sheets are machinable, damage resistant & lightweight, making them perfectly suited for use as wall cladding, kitchen splashbacks, product displays, interior design and the like. It is also an ideal material for any number of DIY projects, whether you intend for the end results to be practical or decorative.

Perspex® Naturals is a range of matte acrylic sheets with subtle colours including white, black and grey, making them perfect for a range of interior projects where a gloss finish is not desirable.