Plastic Secondary Glazing


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We supply plastic secondary glazing cut to your exact size requirements in a variety of thicknesses. We offer Perspex® acrylic secondary glazing kits, with the material being lightweight and strong, two features which are perfectly suited to this use.

Plastic secondary glazing is suitable for all types of homes and commercial buildings. The extremely high translucence of acrylic means there will be no discernible difference in the amount of light entering the room.

Benefits of secondary glazing:

  • Sound insulation – adding an extra panel of acrylic can substantially reduce the amount of outside noise entering a room.
  • Heat insulation – by installing secondary glazing you can reduce the amount of heat lost through windows which in turn can reduce your energy bills.
  • Increased security – acrylic as a material is significantly stronger than glass. Secondary glazing acts as an extra barrier which intruders must break to gain access to your property.

Ordering plastic panels for DIY secondary glazing installation is easy – simply enter your size requirements, choose your thickness and get an instant price. We supply our kits with the essentials you’ll need to fix the panels to your windows.

Please Note: Cut Plastic Sheeting are a materials supplier and we do not do installations.